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Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Top

First, let me explain the title - Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Top - what does this mean? What is this thing?

I will be honest and say the intention at first, was to make a double chocolate chip cookie. We all know what chocolate chip cookies are like - chewy, thin, sweet, just delightful. But, when making this recipe, I made a mistake in the recipe and let me say, it was an excellent mistake - so excellent that I am keeping it as a regular recipe.

I'll get into the tasteful mistake soon...

To start, these cookies are combination of a cookie + a muffin top. What would call that? A Mufkie? Mookie? I have no idea. It doesn't quite have the texture of a cookie, because of the recipe change, but it also definitely isn't a muffin.

These cookies start the same way as the other cookies I have shared - creaming together room temperature butter and sugar until smooth in consistency. In this recipe, we also use some brown sugar for an extra sweetness. The brown sugar can be mixed in with the white sugar.

The double chocolate comes from adding cocoa powder to the dry mixture. We'll have chocolate from the cocoa powder and the chocolate chips. So now, this is where the intention for a regular double chocolate cookie turns into the greatness of a treat.

These cookies call for some milk. But, just a small amount of milk. I got distracted with Rosie and poured WAY more than I wanted. Because of this, the consistency of the batter was completely thrown off. It was way too thin and completely impossible to roll them into the cookie.

So, I added more and more flour until it reached back to the right consistency. This is what made it more cakey to have the texture of a muffin - because there was more flour added compared to the ratio of the other ingredients.

But, again - this was a beauty. I still had regular sized chocolate chips - so I used those in the batter to finish up the bag. Ideally, I would have used chocolate chunks. Before placing these in the oven, I placed a few extra chocolate chips on top. I took 3 tablespoons of the batter and rolled them in a ball and placed them on a lined cookie sheet. On a standard cookie sheet, 12 fit on the sheet.

At 375 degrees for 13-15 minutes, the cookies bake and rise into a delectable treat that will for sure, guaranteed, satisfy those chocolate cravings.

Once they come out the oven, let them sit on the cookie sheet for about two minutes and then transfer the cookies to a cooling sheet. These can store best for up to 5 days, but up to 7.

Bring these cookies to a dinner party or meeting and I can assure you that the guests will be asking for more!

As always, enjoy and indulge!


Thank you for reading! I appreciate your support and time to read my posts as Cafe Nessa. Please give me a like on this post if this is something you would buy to add to your dessert/breakfast options.

Stay happy,


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